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Who Runs Your World
Thursday, May 11, 2006 10:25 AM

Summary of videos that I watched about "Who Runs Your World?" done by teens throughout the world.

There are teens throughout the world who have many different things running their worlds. Teens say that their parents run their world, the choices they make run their world, and sometimes just the politics of their country run their world. There are many different people, and I think throughout the world every teen experiences something different. But I think we all do have something in common. We don’t run our world. I’m turning 18 soon, and I still won’t be running my word due to guardianship issues. I think each teen had a very interesting story about who ran their world, and why they did. It was fun to hear the different stories and it just helped to remind me that I’m not the only person who feels like my world is being run by something else. I think independence is something that each teen looks forward to, and sometimes even as you become an adult, you’re still not the one running your world. There is always going to be someone higher than you that you have to listen to, whether it be your parents or a boss at work. I just think it is a good reminder to know that you’re not always the one in charge, and you have to follow rules. You have a lot of power to an extent, but there is always someone above you who holds more power.     

  Who Runs Your World? Music   --  Click here before viewing "Who Runs Your World?" This is the music I picked to go along with my project due to the message I believe it carries.