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Step by step instructions for starting this course.

How to start this course:

  1. Take the Is Online right for me?  quiz (required)
  2. Apply online here.
  3. If you have done that already then you should recieve a confirmation email. If you did not then contact me by email at
  4. Set up a time with me for an orientation and complete the necesarry forms (parent signature required if under the age of 18.) Forms can be found on the student training page.
  5. An Efolio's are required for this course. If you do not have one yet you can one up for free. See sidebar for more details.
  6. Orientations can be done by web conference and forms may be faxed to 612.668.4137
  7. At your orientation or the teachers discretion you will recieve the password to enter the course.
  8. If you have any questions contact me via email or call MPS Online  at 612.668.4136