Charles Smith
In This Section

Friday, May 26, 2006 5:25 PM

                                                            The Preamble

The Preamble speaks of Justice, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare, Liberty and posterity.  These principles are up-help throughout the seven articles and the 26 Amendments of the constitution in great detail and thought.  However like all governments not everything is universal bliss.  Throughout history many loop holes and controversy have come about over the constitution and its Amendments such as the second amendment, the right to bear arms.   A lot of controversy on that matter has risen since 200 years ago ideas such as locking your guns in a safe to keep from children or what kind of gun you can own since now guns have come a long way from muskets.  Matters of murder have been manipulated by lawyers and guilty people have been able to walk even when plenty of evidence is present. 

            The United States government has the ability to change these disputes because we have a changeable set of laws and Amendments but people can not compromise and they either take the constitution  literally with no open mind to reason or add to the constitution for what they think is right.  No matter what people do their will always be dishonesty and corruption within the system all we can do is do our best to make a moral and fair government which is what our government is.  Our government is strong but the real question is who is leading it.  Even within the fair constitution greed and corruption can still triumph through people who get away with lying and deceiving the nation to get control over all three of the branches.

            The Preamble is a very moral and powerful statement that is a dream of America that will hopefully come soon one day but in present day, civilization is crumbling because of faulty representatives in every branch ergo our Nation is not holding to the preamble.