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Forms of Government
Friday, May 26, 2006 5:35 PM

                                                     Forms of Government

A harmonious anti-authoritarian society that’s based on voluntary association of free individuals in autonomous communities, mutual aid and self-governed.  Anarchism is based on no authority and a mutual bliss between people as well as absolute freedom.  In this government no person holds any power, everybody helps everybody.  The Native Americans and ancient china had a social system similar to this where there is no wealth or property except it was preformed in small groups so there was no possible conflits of resources.

Autocracy: A form of government where unlimited political power is in one persons hand such as an emperor or a dictator regardless of bloodline.  An Autocracy can be formed by either a rising dictator or by heredetary terms.  An example of an Autocracy is ancient rome when Seizer was in power and Augustus who had complete control but only because the people loved them.  This is a unique government in that it can only be held with the full respect of the people in which case the whole population is happy because their ruler is giving them some form of freedom and good ethics.

Democracy: The majority of the people in a given populartion has the power because it is they who have the duty to make the decisions for morality and laws.  The most fair of the governments in many perspectives since all the power is given to them except when it is manipulated such as in representative Democracy where the representatives could be greedy.  A direct democracy is more fair in that the citizens meet and discuss all maters then make dicisions instead of being represented by another person.

Oligarchy:  A political system where all the power is set in a select group of people, it could be a select group because of wealth, military power ruthlessness or family structure.  Oligarchy is not always the top power, sometimes it has strong economical power in which they can control someone in power through threats or manipulation.  When John of England reluctantly signed the Magna Carta he was forced by an Oligarchy to share power by letting other members of society have a say in government.  Another example of Oligarchy is the Medicis which was a family in Flourence.|

Theocracy: The source of this government is religion or faith in which case is the dominant role.  Religion takes over the political power so all decisions are based on a god.  A theocracy is the definition of a government that has caused more death than any other and is the podium of tyranny.  There are still forms of Theocracy today even sometimes in our own government in the United States or in Iran with Islam.  The best example of a Theocracy is the Pope in the Crusades where thousands of men were sent to their deaths as was well as in the name of the Lord murder, rape and pillaging came from the knights in Jerusalum.

Tribalism: The first form of social structure for man in history within a small group.  Also none as primitive communism this system is based off of no private property and everybody is equal with no organization.  The lack of organization is not a defect it is mearly how the structure works, very simple and peaceful.  The native Americans also connected with this system in which case was know as savage because they lacked technology and long distance communication and had extremely spiritual religious means with more than one god.