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Mr. Matt Vernon

Mr. Matt Vernon
George Washington and Matt Vernon at MHS
Untitled DocumentMatthew Vernon has ten years of experience in education with the Minneapolis Public Schools. He has taught at the middle and high school level and at both traditional and alternative settings. Mr. Vernon is a graduate of the University St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.  He received his B.A. in social studies, licensure in secondary education, and a minor in guitar. In1997 he was part of a Fulbright scholarship team to studying emerging democracy in Namibia.
Mr. Vernon has taught social studies and served as a technology integration specialist. He specializes in humanities and technology. He has taught courses in history, geography, civics, economics, government, multimedia, web design, video production and graphic design. He has taught online since 2001. He currently teaches US history, government and economics online, creates web curriculum and is a district tech trainer.