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April Movie Night
Monday, April 24, 2006 10:30 AM

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This movie star's zombies and some big time actors but the real story here is the social commentary. There are a number of themes that this movie explorese. The most obvious is post 9/11 America which has shut out the world to protect itself from terrorists or immigrants. Some key questions are:

What does this picture look like?
What has happended to class, specifically middle class?
Who holds power? How is it maintained?
What are the interactions like between the different classes?
How are the zombies represented? How are they similar or play upon our fears of terrorists?
What are the social costs of protection from the external enemy?

You can earn a miximum of 100 points extra credit by attending the movie and following short discussion, writing a 1 page review of the movie and uploading it to the message forum below as an attachmet with a brief comment in the reply field. Hope to see you there.