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Is what is done in the name of Liberty contrary to Liberty?
Tuesday, January 24, 2006 4:45 PM

>Is what is done in the name of Liberty contrary to Liberty? 8/29/2005 9:05 AM

In George Orwell's classic negative utopia "1984" a totallitarian command economy regime reminiscient of Soviet Union has replaced a capitalist system where inequality created a two class prophetically Marxist envisioned evolution. Like many revolutions, the early idealistic and perhaps ethical leaders have been purged and the ideals of the revolution are only slogans. Big Brother rules the imaginary land of Oceania through an invisible system of fear which keeps people tacitly obedient  by forcing them to be suspicious of each other and perhaps most importantly by relying on individuals themselves to police there own instincts of freedom. It could be easy to look at this novel as an indictment of Stalinist style Communism, Fascism, or more generally totallitarian regimes anywhere. What remains so relevant about this book is that the methods of control and the mechanisms by which any state expresses itself tyrannically are not limmited to any particular form of governance. The assumption that a democratic form of government itself is immune to this evil is the most naive and dangerous form of propaganda that exists today. Below are some of the themes in the book with resources that I see as threats to freedom and democracy today. at the bottom of the page is a discussion forum, please feel free to discuss these ideas.    Perpetual State of Warfare / as implied modern condition
    1. "Fog of war" Oscar award winning doccumentary andarguably apologetic review of 20th century warfare and the policymakers behind many of these acts by former defence secretary RobertMcNamara (DVD)
    2. Economics of the Military Industrial Complex
      1. Audio of Martin Luther King's "Break the Silence speech" audio resource & text
      1. President Eisenhowers 1961 speech. text only
  1. Creation of a population suspicious of itself. To an extreme this results in the public policing itself even when it is against there own self interest.
      1. Controversy over the shooting of an innocent man who was acting suspiciously by British Police. BBC text and video
  2. Moreto come.... privacy, suspicion, surveillance and security. Face of thee nemy, invisible but constant threat. Revision of history and media.Control of language. (disclaimer I typed this entry in September 05 in anticipation of the inevitable now here it is.)