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MN Constitution compared to US Constitution
Friday, May 12, 2006 8:05 AM

The MN Constitution and the US Constitution are structured and formated:

Similarly; such as:
1. Both constitutions have the Bill of Rights as Article 1.
2. Both constitutions have different Articles that are broken down into different Sections.
3. Both constitutions have preambles that start with “We, the people of...”
4. Both constitutions are written to better the place it is written for (US or MN)
5. Both constitutions have amendments.

Differently; such as:
1. The MN Constitutions changes more frequently and easily, where the US Constitution takes a while to add amendments.
2. The MN Constitution has 14 Articles, and the US Constitution has 7 Articles.
3. The MN Constitution is more precise and detailed.
4. The US Constitution was written 70 years before the MN Constitution.
5. The US Constitution is what allows MN to have its own Constitution, separate from other states.

The MN Bill of Rights and the US Bill of Rights both have rights explaining:
1. the liberty of press and the freedom of speech
2. the right of people of having security to their belongings
3. every criminal prosecution having the right to a speedy and public trial
4. all trials should be done by trial of jury
5. there should be no person put to trial twice for the same crime

The language in both documents is very similar. They both are very official. Both documents were hard for me to understand the first time I read through them, but when I went back and read it slower, and for a second time they were a lot more understandable.

I think the MN Bill of Rights defines certain rights more narrowly. I think they are more explained and are more detailed. For example, Section 7 of the MN Bill of Rights goes through due process, prosecutions, double jeopardy, self-incrimination, bail, and habeas corpus. The US Bill of Rights only hits a couple of these, and it is not as detailed. The MN Bill of Rights explains the object of the government, whereas the US Bill of Rights doesn’t have any right explaining that. All in all I think that the MN Bill of Rights has more details and explains more rights of the citizens.