Sample Lesson
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Sample Lesson: A portion of Module 1

Sample Lesson: A portion of Module 1
Go to the link'Strange Science' Click on a topic, (  I  like Goof  Gallery)
Write a list of things that you learned or interest you about this site.
Post in drop box.

Your Mission:
Go 1c links click on 'Why do Civilizations fall?' follow all the link on this site. Then write an essay answering the question: Why do civilizations fall? Your essay should be 1 page single spaced, 12 point font. You must include data from the site to support your work. Go to Resource Room for tips on writing an essay.
Attach this to work samples section in your efolio and send me an email when complete.

Go to 1b links click on Bodies of Culture, then click on piercing, tattooing, painting and galleries. Review information. Then click on 'what does it mean to you' then click 'take the survey'. Use this information to respond to the Message Forum.