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The founding documents
Monday, June 12, 2006 5:45 PM

U.S. Constitution

How do the founding documents define the ideals of the United States?

The United States has had a set of moral virtues which is based off of documentation by our four fathers as well as a document even before the thirteen colonies.  The Magna Carta was the first of these documents that was established in Britain in the 13th century which emphasized that no man is above the law, not even the king and no one can take away certain human rights.

            The most famous of these documents is the Declaration of Independence that was heard around the European world.  It expressed the deepest oppression from tyranny and the old Universal truth of human rights of Life, Liberty, Equality, Self Determination and Pursuit of Happiness.  Today these values still make up our country but it was not in cold stone yet this was the beginning of things to come.  Thomas Jefferson wrote this Declaration and it was edited by congress, and then came the final draft where 56 representatives of the Legislature signed the document.  This document shaped and defined this country because ultimately the same principles were put into the Constitution.

            After the downfall of the Articles of Confederation, which was the Constitution during the Revolutionary war, a committee was called to Philadelphia where a new Constitution was to be written, one with a stronger central government.  Some people were did not want the constitution from fear of another tyranny oppressing the citizens rights as a human.  The three branch constitution, Judicial, Legislative and executive was a fair way to control the power since each branch could control one another in some way.  However a Bill of Rights was established in order to ensure the protection of the citizens.  The Bill of Rights within the constitution is a very important document that is deep into our society and why we have had many immigrants seeking peace and freedom.  Without the constitution states would become separated and we would not be a union which would cause economical disaster and an universe continent of people which is what makes this country so great, our acceptance of people of any race, creed, ethnicity, or religious background.  The Constitution was written to be able to change to so fit new obstacles of unfair or unequal circumstances between people which defines our country, a changing nation to better itself. 

            The Bill of Rights makes the Constitution possible, the constitution is the iron fist, and the Bill of rights is the arm.  The Bill of Rights makes up who we are and what we can be today.  Our Liberties is what makes our changes as a nation possible and what makes this country solid to defend citizen’s human rights that were ever so clear in the Declaration of Independence as well as many more values that have been added.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights are two Documents that were written two centuries ago and yet still hold who we are today.  They co-exist like the sun and planets giving structure with freedom, justice and independence for all.