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US and the Minnesota Constitution
Tuesday, June 6, 2006 2:45 PM




How the US and the Minnesota Constitution are similar.

1)      Both have amendments.

2)      Both have different Articles that are broken down.

3)      Both have preambles.

4)      Both have the Bill of Rights as Article 1.

5)      Both were written to make what it was written for better.


How the US and the Minnesota Constitution are different.

1)      The MN Constitutions changes a lot more.

2)      The US Constitution has 7 Articles.

3)      The US Constitution was written before the MN Constitution.

4)      The MN Constitution is a lot more detailed.



Both the MN Bill of Rights and the US Bill of Rights both have rights that states-

1)      The freedom of speech and religion.

2)      No double jeopardy.

3)      Trials are done by trail of jury.

4)      The right to a speedy and public trial.

5)      Security for their belongings.


The language in both the MN and the US bill of rights are similar. But I think the MN bill of rights define some rights more narrowly. Just to name a few that I think are important are for example prosecutions, self incrimination and double jeopardy which happens to be my personal favorite. The US bill of rights explains those but not as clear and detailed. And explains more rights of the people.