Kesha Towne
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World Trade
Wednesday, May 3, 2006 10:10 AM

There are many different views on world trade. I think that through world trade, the already developed countries gain a lot. They get what they want, and basically, they get it for a price they agree with and can afford. They also gain a lot of money from taxes that they add onto the products when they are sold. For countries that are still developing they get more of the short end of the stick, because they aren’t able to pay for and receive the things that they need. There are many organizations that are focused on and helping to develop the third world countries, but then at the same time, they are taking things from them. I think that the whole world trade is just going to be a big cycle. Although there are organizations that are there to help develop the countries, I don’t think they can get much done because the countries are always having to do trades with other countries. I think that the bigger countries take advantage of the undeveloped countries, although it doesn’t seem like it because they set up all these organizations to help them. I think the organizations that are on the side are just kind of there for a decoy, so it looks good to some people. People see that the bigger countries are there trying to help the developing countries, but they aren’t able to see that while they are “helping” them, they are also at the exact same time taking from them.