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who runs my world
Thursday, June 8, 2006 2:00 PM


I learned that a lot of people have everyday problems and issues that they eventually overcome with a lot of hard work and dedication. But for many they will never overcome the issues they face.

 I think we do face similar issues. A lot of us dont feel like we can fully express our selfs because we have people doubting us.

Hearing there stories made me feel like i have people that can some what relate to what im going through.

I live in a world where the odds are against me. Where no one thinks I’ll ever amount to anything and that I’m a big joke. The fact that I’m an Africa American female in a world where Caucasians and males rule. In a place where you’ll take one look at me and have judgments about me and think you know me but really you have no idea. I face discrimination and stereotypes everyday. They stop me but at the same time they are what keeps me going. I am determined to make myself known and prove the people that don’t believe in me wrong by making a name for myself. The thing that runs my world is the fact that I know I can do what I want even when no one else thinks I cant. I can do what I want if I put my mind to it and go at it with all I have.